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Where We Work


Because of donors like you, UWS has provided classrooms for 48,000 children.

United World Schools (UWS) believes every child deserves access to quality, inclusive classrooms. With a pioneering model that builds primary-education schools in remotes global communities for less than $35,000, we have grown to more than 260 schools across Myanmar, Nepal, Madagascar, and Cambodia.  With an average annual operating budget under $10,000 per school, our scale has grown steadily while maintaining quality that exceeds national standards in performance, gender equity, attendance, and graduation.  

85 cents out of every dollar raised goes directly to our schools!

As UWS looks to expand its UN Award-winning model to exponentially more communities and countries, we embarked on a multiyear engagement plan to launch our 501(c)(3) non-profit operations in the United States.  No country on earth has more influence on global education policy and resources available to impact it.  

Whether expanding the UWS network of schools through American donor support, influencing policy makers and partner organizations with our model, or simply raising awareness on the world stage for the millions of children who will never see the inside of a classroom, UWS’ US team is building generational change for children all over the world.   

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