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Service Learning and School Partnerships

The UWS Service Learning and School Partnerships Program is a Service Learning program designed to channel children's passions and energies in the service of helping others, with lifelong results.

Our Partner Schools include public and private schools from around the world that engage in global awareness and philanthropic activities in their communities in support of children in our UWS schools. Students learn why UWS exists and share their learnings with their communities. They launch innovative fundraising campaigns in an effort to help United World Schools build and operate our schools, providing school days for children who otherwise would have no schools to attend.

UWS-USA supports its Partner Schools with learning materials that include K-12 lesson plans, reading, research and video materials as well as fundraising and marketing toolkits. Learning materials focus on what is happening with students living in the remote regions where we build and operate schools. Reading and video materials feature case studies on individual students living in the foothills of the Himalayas in Nepal and stories about UWS students who grew up to become teachers working in their childhood schools in their communities.

Fundraising and marketing toolkits include examples of schools across the world launching fundraisers with the simple bake sale, an Open Mic Night, student concerts, fun runs and even galas. Through all of these fundraisers, students assume the roles of messengers and ambassadors, educating their communities about the needs of children living in regions where no schools exist. 

Our global network of Partner Schools can share and celebrate their work together with the United World Schools Global Partner Schools website.